Artificial intelligence serving doctors, patients and society

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We believe that artificial intelligence (AI) can not replace human being, however AI can gradually serve doctors and patients with tasks that are repetitive and intelectually demanding. Such intradisciplinary cooperation and co-existence is already yielding measurable results in the area of medical diagnostics. We are persuing research and commercial endeavors to push the boundaries further from diagnostics to prescription and execution, respecting the laws of biology and harnessing the power of technlogy.

Ing. Ales Bartunek

CEO and Founder
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Maximum Yield



Our vision is to connect patients, doctors, technology and data to generate at least 10x the current value for patients, doctors and stakeholders in terms of prevention and treatment quality, emotional, physical and mental wellbeing as well as efficiency.


Simpler Decision

Individual treatment plans leading to improved egg quality that you can apply in any clinic

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Robot Assisted ICSI

Supporting solution based on artificial intelligence ensuring ICSI consistency

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